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iBooking Master Co., Ltd. is a total service & solution travel agency that meets every travel requirements of our customers. Our services range from airline ticketing, hotel reservations, visa applications, travel insurances, car rental & tour for single/group traveler/s.

We aimed to offer our customers a highly salubrious experience ensuring that each traveler travels with a peace of mind. This is made possible with our customized services/solutions, pioneering innovations and putting forward efficient travel/s to ensure our customers enjoy the best return on investments (ROI).


Value proposition for corporate clients

24/7 availablity, reliable & efficient

iBooking Master is pleased to serve corporate clients who travels by air regularly for business, contact, meeting, training, work visit

Instant Air Ticket Issuance

We have available team to book and issue E-Ticket/s for all your urgent travels

After Sales Services

 Quick response & professional team available 

Maximum Credit Term 30 days

To control budget in organization 


Contact our hotline at +66 96-868-1198 OR +66 91-812-1198

What's in it for you?
    •  Booking & confirm via email without Purchase Order
    •  Credit terms with no collateral 
    •  Report sent for review before payment
    •  Optimize manpower for booking services 
    •  Hassle free booking 
    •  We provide value added service such as change travel details, cancel/refund ticket, seat selection, meal selection and etc. 


Tour Packages


JAPAN Kamikochi-Tokyo-Fuji Autumn (Oct 2024)

Kamikochi-Tokyo-Fuji Autumn (5D3N)

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